Vanoosh Villa

This project is a 630 square meter, 2 story villa in Vanoosh area, located in north of Iran. We oriented the building in southern part of the site with northern and southern openings to use best views and have good natural ventilation. 

The design concept started with a surface, folding and moving to create our form. We used this surface to create connecting structures, linked together by a third cubical, transparent form. This transparent box, which is located in the middle of the building, provides day light in the heart of the project, connect two sections of the building, and also consist of vertical circulation. essentially, all circulations inside and outside of the building is happening through this third box. The entrance is also located in the middle of the building and right Infront of the circulation box. The building is divided into 4 sections, public spaces down stairs, private areas upstairs, living room and kitchen on the east side, guest room and bedrooms on the west side.

  • Location: Mazadaran, Iran
  • Area: 630 M2
  • Year: 2021
  • Design Team: Khorshid Mazaheri, Masoumeh Shafiee
  • Project: Architectural and Interior Design