Corner Residential

This project was designing a 5 story residential corner building, with the area of 147 square meter per floor and 1037 square meter in total. In concept, we divided the façade into two sections, “the body” and “the skin”. So that the body was covering the skin. This skin opens up and show the body in some parts in order to provide nice views and natural light for the interior. It also movies closer and further from the body to form balconies and form an integrate double skinned façade for the building. The main material is white brick for the skin and gray bricks for the body part of the façade. In order to provide vegetation for the residential units, balconies were placed on both sides of the façade. The idea was to have a dynamic, interactive and integrate façade.

On the interior, each floor contains one residential unite, consist of two bedrooms and one master bedroom. The units are divided in to two sections. The private section, consist of bedrooms, on the north part of the plan. The public section containing living room, dining room and kitchen is located on the south part of the plan and the entrance is placed in the middle to provide best circulation.

  • Location: Farmaniyeh, Tehran
  • Area: 1037 M2
  • Year: 2019
  • Design Team: Milad Ensafian, Khorshid Mazaheri, Masoumeh Shafiee
  • Photo: Hessam Mir
  • Project: Architectural and Interior Design